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Inner Sanctum Collectibles is a premier Gaming and Collectibles Store run by experienced and knowledgeable staff. The ethos of the store is to support the gaming and collectibles community, creating a place where people can exchange experience, play In-store and obtain the types of products they need.

Situated in Cambridge, opposite the Leisure Complex, the store boasts 1,200 sq feet of space that has been specifically designed to allow events to be held as well as providing a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

We offer a wide range of products from, Board Games, Collectible Card Games, Role Playing Games, Collectible Miniature Games, Replica’s plus a range of Artwork and Memorabilia.

Our aim is to support your interests whilst building links to many of the local societies and clubs in the area.

  Business Hours  
  Monday   10:00-18:00  
  Tuesday   10:00-18:00  
  Wednesday   10:00-18:00  
  Thursday   10:00-18:00  
  Friday   10:00-18:00  
  Saturday   10:00-18:00  
  Sunday   CLOSED  


  Christmas Hours  
  7 December 2014   11:00-16:00  
  14 December 2014   11:00-16:00  
  21 December 2014   11:00-16:00  
  24 December 2014 - Christmas Eve   11:00-16:00  
  25 December 2014 - Christmas Day   CLOSED  
  26 December 2014 - Boxing Day   CLOSED  
  27 December 2014   CLOSED  
  28 December 2014   CLOSED  
  1 January 2015 - New Years Day   CLOSED  

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The registered address is: The Stables, Weather Lane, Astley, Stourpoint-on-Severn, Worcestershire DY13 0SF


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